Tattoo removal

With the best laser for tattoo removal, the Q Switched ND:YAG, we can remove undesirable tattoos effectively without scar formation or pigmentary changes. Results vary from person to person, depending on the tattoo’s colour(s), age and whether amateur or professional.

Black, blue and green respond well. Red, orange and yellow may fade. A course of 3 to 15 treatments is required. Treatment intervals can be as little as 6 weeks and as long as 6 months. The laser shatters the ink of tattoo. These ink particles are then drained through the lymph system, causing the tattoo to fade. This process lasts up to 6 months after one treatment.

  • amateur tattoo: 3 - 6 treatments;
  • professional tattoo: 6 - 15 treatments;
  • cosmetic tattoo: 2 - 6 treatments after a patch test;
  • traumatic tattoo (gravel/tar/dirt/glass embedded in the skin after an accident): 2 - 6 treatments;
  • medicinal tattoo (radiation port marks): 2 - 4 treatments.

For a quote, please send a photo, as well as the tattoo dimensions to The treatment is available only at Lasermed Tyger Valley.